Pocket Cash Card

Pocket cash is a valuable addition to the Global Money Link system, providing students with a convenient and secure way to transact. Paired with learners' fingerprints, the pocket cash card allows easy purchases of food items at the school tuck shop either by tapping the card or using their biometrics. Parents can effortlessly top up their children's accounts through the Global Money Link App, making it a must-have for students from primary to college. Each student has their unique and user-friendly Pocket cash card, enabling cashless transactions at the tuck shop. The card displays the student's profile, including their name, picture, card balance, and any set restrictions. Parents can access their child's account online, ensuring better control over their tuck shop spending.

  • Benefits
  • The Global Money Link App offers convenient cashless transactions, allowing users to check their balances online and easily top up their accounts through the Global Money Link APP. Parents can link multiple students to their parent account, providing them with the ability to monitor all accounts from home. The system also allows for self-restrictions, enabling users to set daily spending limits and exclude specific foods based on allergies or dietary preferences. Additionally, transaction histories are easily accessible for better tracking and monitoring of eating habits.

  • Enhanced Benefits
  • Enjoy the advantage of having access to a fully itemized transaction history on your online dashboard. Cashless payment systems expedite transactions, making it easier for parents to make payments hassle-free. Implementing cashless payment systems in schools can reduce the risk of theft and bullying, while also providing a simpler way to track and manage your stock. Comprehensive Tracking: Our cashless payment system enables you to track every transaction meticulously and efficiently manage your stock, ensuring you have superior record-keeping.

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